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The Petroleum Equipment & Services Association (PESA) is the unified voice for the energy industry’s oilfield service, supply and manufacturing companies. At PESA, we focus on the following key industry issues of our members:

  • Innovation: Promoting the development of innovative technologies and efficiencies while safely unlocking new supplies of energy.
  • Health, Safety and the Environment: Focus on risk reduction, minimization of environmental footprint and heightened safety.
  • Education and Workforce Development: Equip current and future leaders with the knowledge, training and education that will support the sector’s role in the economy.
  • Energy Security: Support U.S. energy production and increase access to global markets.
  • Jobs: Representing a diverse global workforce of more than one million employees.

PESA members represent more than 200 oilfield service, supply and manufacturing companies. For a full list of our membership, visit our Online Membership Directory.

PESA as a Resource: Train, Elevate, Network

Train, Elevate, Network embodies PESA’s support for member companies as the national trade association focused on the unique priorities of the oilfield services sector.

Train: Training opportunities, from lunch and learns to a year-long executive coaching program for emerging leaders, help companies develop employees and acquire best practices. PESA also conducts industry training for U.S. foreign and civil service officers posted in energy-intensive countries, providing tools to support our industry while strengthening the sector’s international ties.

Elevate: We empower the subject matter experts of member companies, committing to educating policy makers on issues impacting our sector and the entire oil and gas industry, while promoting the innovation and job creation abilities of PESA’s broad membership.

Network: Unparalleled networking opportunities bring member company executives and other industry leaders together for engagement with customers and peers. Committees and events provide opportunities for exposure and industry thought leadership.

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