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  • Colorado Geothermal Initiative Seeks Input from Industry

    Colorado’s Gov. Jared Polis recently spoke at the Energy Workforce Summer Meeting in Westminster, CO, where he discussed the “Heat Beneath Our Feet” initiative of the Western Governors’ Association (WGA). The initiative is part of the WGA Chair Initiative and Gov. Polis’ plan, as chairman of the WGA, is to examine opportunities and barriers to […]

  • 2022 Midterm Primary Election Update

    June was a busy month for the 2022 midterm election season, with 22 primary elections and runoffs taking place over the course of four weeks. Several states that are home to Energy Workforce Member Company operations and consequential energy resources were included in this series of elections, including California, Colorado, New Mexico, North Dakota and […]

  • Primary, Runoff Election Results Show Possible Impact on Energy Sector

    Primary elections for the 2022 midterm Congressional races are in full swing across the country. This past Tuesday, Texas held its runoff elections for candidates that failed to secure the required 50% of votes in the March 1 primary election.  This month also brought primary elections in Ohio and Pennsylvania, states that are home to vast […]

  • Energy Workforce Creates Orphan Wells Best Practices Document

    Energy Workforce’s Orphan Wells Working Group has completed the Energy Workforce Orphan Wells Best Practices document regarding safe plugging practices and procedures of orphaned and abandoned wells. The document draws from the experience from Members to: provide proper guidance for overall job safety help support and educate the state-based entities for plugging orphaned and abandoned […]

  • Council Discusses Federal Advocacy in Alaska

    The Council’s Director Government Affairs Maria Suarez served as a panelist at “Meet Alaska,” an event held by the Alaska Alliance in Anchorage, discussing the government affairs advocacy strategy in recent years and highlighting victories on behalf of Member Companies. Suarez was asked about the Council’s most effective advocacy tools on behalf of the energy […]

  • 2022 Texas Midterm Primary Results

    Texas held its primary election for the 2022 midterms on Tuesday. The ballots hosted an extensive list of candidates hoping to represent Texans from Washington, DC to Austin and all the way down to local school boards. Energy Workforce is tracking several races that are of particular interest to our Member Companies, due to their […]

  • California Regulations Seek to Ban All Fracking in State by 2025

    California Gov. Gavin Newsom’s ambitious plans to combat climate change appear to significantly curtail energy production within the state, including a ban on all hydraulic fracturing in California by 2025 and a ban on all oil drilling by 2045. These regulations, along with outlawing the sale of gas-powered lawn equipment by 2024 (or whenever state […]

  • Members Share Best Practices Around COVID-19 Vaccines at Townhall

    The Energy Workforce and Technology Council’s HSE, HR and Government Affairs Committees hosted a COVID-19 vaccine townhall last week to cover a wide range of topics focused around the COVID response in the industry. Participants from more than 40 companies listened to updates on COVID news, engaged with legal experts on what to expect in […]

  • Council Leads Best Practice Sharing on COVID-19 Vaccines for Sector

    With COVID-19 policies at the federal and state level changing quickly, the Council will host biweekly townhalls to share best practices for the energy services and technology sector. The townhalls will focus on responses to President Biden’s announced requirement for businesses larger than 100 employees to mandate their employees receive the COVID-19 vaccine or get […]

  • Railroad Commission Halts Some Permits for Saltwater Disposal in Midland Basin

    In response to concerns over a series of earthquakes of a 3.5 magnitude or greater since early 2020, the Railroad Commission of Texas (RRC) will halt the issuance of some permits for saltwater disposal wells in the Midland Basin. Last week, the RRC issued a notice to oil and gas operators as part of its […]

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