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  • Colorado Geothermal Initiative Seeks Input from Industry

    Colorado’s Gov. Jared Polis recently spoke at the Energy Workforce Summer Meeting in Westminster, CO, where he discussed the “Heat Beneath Our Feet” initiative of the Western Governors’ Association (WGA). The initiative is part of the WGA Chair Initiative and Gov. Polis’ plan, as chairman of the WGA, is to examine opportunities and barriers to […]

  • 2022 Midterm Primary Election Update

    June was a busy month for the 2022 midterm election season, with 22 primary elections and runoffs taking place over the course of four weeks. Several states that are home to Energy Workforce Member Company operations and consequential energy resources were included in this series of elections, including California, Colorado, New Mexico, North Dakota and […]

  • COVID-19 Vaccine Update for Oil-Producing States

    At the beginning of March, President Biden invoked the Defense Production Act to boost production of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine after it received emergency use authorization from the FDA. This prompted the administration to announce the U.S. will produce enough vaccines for every adult by the end of May. The Johnson & Johnson vaccine was developed using a […]

  • COVID-19 Marks One Year: Disruption & Devastation Continues

    This month marks one year since the first COVID-19 case was detected in the United States and has infected more than 25 million people. The pandemic has caused more than 420,000 deaths and is expected to surpass 600,000 according to President Biden. COVID VARIANTS AND VACCINESSo far, the newest variants of COVID-19 from Brazil (variant P.1) and South Africa has been found in […]

  • Colorado Oil & Gas Rule Change Effective This Week

    This week, Colorado legislators will meet for three days to handle several bills before taking a recess until February 16. In December, Gov. Jared Polis moved state legislators and other essential government workers into Phase 1b of the state’s vaccination plan to ensure their safety. Although by the time they return in February, they will not be fully immune […]

  • U.S. Senate, House Freshman Class in Oil-Producing States Sworn In

    Oil and gas producing states elected several new members of the U.S. House and Senate in 2020. TEXAS Rep. Pat Fallon, R-TX-4 After receiving an honorable discharge from the U.S. Air Force, Fallon embarked on a 25-year entrepreneurial journey and now owns several companies. He served in the Texas House of Representatives for six years and on the Frisco City […]

  • States Begin COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution, Next Phases Remain Unclear

    On Tuesday, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) confirmed that Moderna’s vaccine is effective and safe for use. An independent committee will meet with the agency Thursday to discuss emergency use of the vaccine.  Last week, this same panel authorized use of Pfizer’s vaccine throughout the U.S. and distribution began earlier this week. Between the Pfizer and Moderna shots, […]

  • COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution Plan in Critical OFS States

    Following an international rush to develop a COVID-19 vaccination, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has confirmed the safety and efficacy of Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine candidate. An independent committee will meet with the agency December 10 to discuss emergency use of the vaccine. From there, it is expected that the vaccine will be distributed throughout the U.S. within 24 […]

  • COVID-19 State and Local Jurisdictional Update

    As states and local jurisdictions enact partial or full shutdowns of business, it is critical for PESA to ensure that all elements of our sector and the critical supply chain remain open and permitted to operate throughout the crisis. Below, please find a detailed list of the current orders in the states and jurisdictions where many of our members […]

  • 2020 Energy-Producting State Election Updates

    Texas – Republican Trifecta Gov. Greg Abbott (R) Upper Chamber: Republican Lower Chamber: Republican Results Jim Wright, Republican, won the open seat on the Texas Railroad Commission, which regulates the state’s oil and gas industry. Wright is a business owner and runs four companies in the energy industry, including oilfield waste and recycling. One of his former […]

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