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  • North Carolina: State Poised to Lift Fracking Ban

    Upstream Conventional & Unconventional Onshore Development The North Carolina General Assembly will convene January 14 and is expected to lift the state’s fracking moratorium. However, the state is considered a low priority for oil and gas development due to falling global energy prices, high startup costs, and a relatively small shale sub-basin. [email_link]

  • North Carolina: Fracking Regs Clear Rules Review Commission

    Upstream Conventional & Unconventional Onshore Development New hydraulic fracturing regulations written by the North Carolina Mining and Energy Commission passed through the Rules Review Commission on December 17, despite concerns from commission staff that three of the rules failed to meet state standards and require public review. The commission rejected this analysis and proceeded to […]

  • North Carolina: Panel Approves Hydraulic Fracturing Rules

    Upstream Conventional & Unconventional Onshore Development [email_link] On November 14, members of North Carolina’s Mining and Energy Commission, the panel charged with developing the state’s hydraulic fracturing rules, approved regulations to govern drilling activities within the state. Final rule language includes setbacks to protect municipal water supplies, record-keeping requirements, and a provision that ensures regulators […]

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