A Call to Support the Process of Hydraulic Fracturing

PESA supports smart regulation and policies that encourage domestic energy production. Hydraulic fracturing or “fracking” is the driving force that has unlocked oil and gas resources unimaginable just ten years ago, positioning the United States as an energy super power and creating millions of jobs. The innovation of PESA member companies has led the energy revolution, growing our city and state economies; creating jobs and infusing millions of dollars into our communities infofurmanner.de.

A draft report from the EPA’s multi-year study on hydraulic fracturing has concluded that the extraction process has “not led to widespread, systemic impacts on drinking water resources,” nor did the decade-long spread of fracking cause extensive damage to groundwater resources. Further, the report concludes that hydraulic fracturing has “brought cleaner air, significantly reduced greenhouse gas emissions, created millions of jobs, reduced energy prices, strengthened national security, and turned the American economy around” (Brown, 2015). Robust state and federal regulations for fracking already exist. These laws ensure safety in well design, water use, air emissions, and other key areas.

PESA will continue to help educate and inform the public on hydraulic fracturing processes and encourage its implementation to continue the surge in U.S. energy production.

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Benefits to Hydraulic Fracturing

Projected to create 3.3M jobs, $125B in federal and state tax revenue, over $468B in annual GDP contributions by 2020

Reduces air pollution

Expected to save families $3500 in energy bills by 2025

Pumps $70 billion per year into the economy

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